How do I make the leap to pursue my passion in my career?

So, it's great that you've recognized that you want to change your life and start doing something you love. Whether you've been feeling stuck, bored and unhappy in a job or career for weeks or years- the temptation to move fast and make up for lost time is real. But slow down. And please don't quit your job- not yet. We specialize in transitions and the transformation of a life by finding balance. There is perhaps no quicker way to throw your life off balance than by leaping and quitting your job; because life and all of its realities don't stop during this new pursuit and it often takes longer to pull off than you want. Passion can fuel your drive toward your new entrepreneurial goal but it's not likely to pay the bills on your way there.

So the answer is that there is no leap.

Nowadays we are bombarded with messages and articles on social media of quitting full-time jobs to travel the world, giving up everything to be your own boss, leaving routine to build something from scratch. We idealize and romanticize the idea of taking a risk and reaping the benefits. Yet no one talks about the real sustainability or self-sufficiency of this, because it isn't sustainable or realistic.

An entrepreneur is often held synonymous to being a risk-taker. But in reality, entrepreneurs- successful ones- don't take more risks than anyone else. On the contrary, many are actually quite careful and good at planning.

So no quitting your stable job early. It could actually be counter-productive. Financial stress and constriction will only inhibit the creativity that you have that's vital to your new pursuit.

Instead, our wholeness mentors will work with you to custom build a stairway toward your goal (and help you find what that is)-and help you climb them at whatever pace is manageable and unique to you. And we do help you work toward your new entrepreneurial venture or livelihood, but of course your career is only one area of your life.

While we specialize in business services combined and career planning with some of our clients, we are above-all concerned with helping you live a balanced life. So we won't ignore and will heavily consider how this new pursuit will affect your children, your marriage, your friends, your ability and desire to make a difference, your financial situation, your overall life goals, etc. This is what makes us different from a business coach.

Don't panic when you think about how you think you've spent too much time not pursuing the life you want. Don't look back, but forward. Don't run, and most importantly don't try to leap into change, but call us to get started and glide forward much more strategically aligned to yourcanstockphoto14139711 big picture.