How do you know you are stuck and that you need to make change in your life? 

This realization can- and often does- come on slowly in those we work with. One day you'll catch yourself just feeling bored. And you'll realize it's not just today, but for weeks, months, years- you've been bored. But being bored doesn't mean you're boring- just the opposite! It means you're too lively and spirited to ever do just one thing. Maybe you've been stuck in the routine of a job or a life that you had only meant to be temporary, but now it's been too long. Or maybe you followed your dream, started that rock band, made a living out of your passion. You know you could continue, only you realize you don't really want're bored. You succeeded and did everything you could with it, you're done and ready to move on. It was your passion once, but it's been fulfilled. You don't need to feel stuck there. You can allow yourself to move on to and plan the next thing. Your next dream. Or as our method calls for- your next three dreams and livelihoods.
This realization can also happen another common way. It will also come on slowly. The universe, fate, or the higher power that you believe in will try to get your attention in many ways. Things in your life will start to shut down to make you notice, to send you a wake-up call. You look around and realize you've grown apart from your friends (the real ones), you're dreading getting up for work every morning, you get let go, you go through a divorce, you get sick because your body is shutting down too. Things aren't flowing anymore. All of this is sending the same message: you're not supposed to be where you are anymore, even if it was right once. 
It's the nagging thoughts of, "This can't be all there is." And it isn't.
In the end, you know yourself. But we know the signs. We have helped many. We see you feeling like the woman in the infomercial fumbling with her Tupperware or fighting with her garden hose in black and white. Life is messy and hard to manage after all. We understand that! And we don't have a Magic as seen on TV product for $14.95. Our method is customized and personal to you and all the areas of your life. We'll help you balance it all while continuing to move forward. 
You're too far from a boring person to be bored- it inhibits your creativity. You need to get inspired again and get help with a plan for tomorrow, next month, next year, and 10 years from now to move forward.