We’re on the leading edge, assisting people just like you, as they advance as self-developed and more whole people who are taking control of their lives.

At the core of an individual is their maverick center. It is also known as the heart, soul, spirit, a higher power, true self, or subconscious. The maverick center of each person has an inner guidance system that stands ready to lead throughout a lifetime.  If followed, it promises a richer life more closely aligned with your true purpose.  Mavericks activate their maverick centers to receive inner guidance. Secondarily, they use their brains, skills, strengths, contacts, capacities and us (as their support) to practically move to where it leads.

The Maverick Center was founded in 1999 to support the people as they activate and learn to live following their personal inner guidance systems and manage the challenging job of staying authentic to self.  With the ThinkMaverick™ and Catalystz™ processes, we help people change their lives and move into alignment with self. We support holistic transformation and growth. Our specialty is the fear-based transition, how to change a life or livelihood, and how to keep evolving it. We’re here to support the day-to-day issues, complications, challenges, and so on. We help people determine where they are and where they want to be in their careers and personal lives. We want to help you engage in a life fully lived and without regret.  This is what we call the ‘work’ of a  maverick.  Let us show you how!