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Maverado  Life Strategy  Village

Maverado Life Strategy Village

A unique advancement community that delves into better ways to live, work, create, advance, change, and be.  Working on a besting yourself? We provide guides and support for your advancement.

Our village events offer you:

  • A community of individuals working on themselves and each other

  • Visionary training and education

  • A resource network

  • Environments to explore, discover, and build yourself and your visions

  • A substantive support system

  • Inexpensive access to transformation guidance

  • Genuine opinions, cautions, and straight talk

  • Collaboration and forward thinking

And exploration of:

Individual freedom…Whom or what owns you? What prevents you from doing what you want? This is the place to go to explore where you are at on the path, what personal freedom means to you, how to bridge the gap to get to where you want to be, and get support as you advance in daily baby steps.

  • Your questions… Where are you stuck? What do you need help with today? This is a wonderful way to explore feasibility and morph your vision. Bring those questions! Expose your weaknesses. Ask for help.

  • The highest use of your lifetime… let’s raise the bar until we individually discover what is possible in a day, week, year, and lifetime.

  • Safety in numbers…. now you have a place to go to get opinions and options from others who have seen similar situations, dilemmas and opportunities. Can you appreciate a safe ear, a cautionary story, and a visionary viewpoint? Don’t be too surprised that someone might actually understand your thinking (or the situation you speak of) in this village.

  • Practical visionaries…ordinary people leading extraordinary projects and lives hang out here just to be inspired by others who are living examples of carving out their own paths. If a visionary does not anchor to some practical components, they often are not able to see their vision through.

  • Faster learning…in the areas you determine are important; such as personal, spiritual, family, emotional, or business growth. We feel most of the adult learning is happening way too slowly and not in the areas of importance to successful meaningful living and best-use-of-a-lifetime. Plan to move faster here regarding your own life progression.

  • Me-treat… not retreat (going far away to find your true self), but me-treat (as in food for your mind and soul). A place to go where people ask the deep questions. A place where planners, do-ers, and futurists hang out who want to talk, cross-train each other, or partner up for a project.

Cost: $49