Personal growth projects: Design. Execution. Support.

Maverick Center’s Catalystz™    

We are not coaches (although we do a bit of that). We are hired as your working partner to assist with advancing you, your situation, and/or your plan. You are hiring an ongoing consultant and virtual business partner. If you don’t have your plan, we are great at design and development.

There are two types of life events that we support with the Catalystz™ process. We can expertly guide you through:

WANTED LIFE EVENTS (Life Enhancement):    

Filling the gaps and support for changing the direction of your life from Point A (where you are) to Point B (where you want to be). Stepping into a new role or stage when it’s important for you to do it with less mistakes. Examples: Initiate your vision, birthing, assistance working from home, to learn self-ownership, listening to inner intuition, to become a leadership, have the courage to transition your life, succeeding at work, relationship betterment, begin enlightenment, with love (self or others), working from home, leadership, business ownership, mom/dad/grand-parenting, with a geographic move, making your difference in the world and so on.

UNWANTED LIFE EVENTS (Life tests/challenges. AKA life’s stomach punches):   

 A strong and guiding hand to move through a life challenge, understand the lesson, and jettison ahead to something better. Examples: Emotional assistance moving through: turning 30/40/50/60, death (yours or a loved one), divorce, retirement, business failure, becoming an empty nester, eldercare, or retired/fired.  

We support:

·         Life event management & support services

·         Self-leadership mindset education

·         Skill set training

·         Maneuvering through situations, events, and working with others as they arise

·         Ongoing learning: Grow, learn, feel, change, live, love and balanced success.

Our Proprietary process 

First. We work one-on-one, never with a group to give you ultimate ability to discuss issues, struggles, and situations in a safer environment (and move quicker).  Our issue with programs designed to do similar work is that you fit into their ‘program’ and the program is not complete nor is it about you, personally. Your individual situation, issues, fears, concerns, and learning curve are seldom addressed. For these programs, it is about the easy money and we feel this is only half the job (at best). We stay with you in the transition (AKA the trenches), talk you through the complications that arise, and transition between your ‘wingman’, your idea bouncer, your way-finder, and your mentor depending upon what has happened and what you want/need on a given day.

Second.  Through professional guidance and our proprietary discovery process, you will define your problem areas, define triggers, develop appropriate successful habits, and set a plan in motion to carefully guide you up the road to the life you always wanted.

Together, we’ll evaluate your current positioning, your life progress to date, your strengths and weaknesses, your goals and aspirations, your family unit support, your relationships, your office/staff/systems, your daily life, and/or your livelihood. Through this process, we’ll help you work through a massive amount of information about what you are doing right, bring out and release what is holding you back, and set you on course to reach your short and long-term goals and visions.

The process is focused, life changing, and extraordinary.

The result is one of the best, personalized, all-around approaches to individualized advancement that exists today.

Cost: Our hourly telephone fee is $49.00 for hourly for planning, design, discussion and support. Pay-as-you-go using our online schedule system. No contracts. Sessions can be planned and booked (weekly, monthly, quarterly) or a session can be booked that day (to accommodate a situation that may arise).

Our hourly fee for execution support is $129.00 per hour (if you choose to have us involved in this portion of the process which is decided by you later in the process).

For by-the-hour questions and guidance, click here.

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We are aware of the vastly different approach we have innovated for this engaging and innovative process so it is likely you will need to ask questions in order to understand how this will help you gain a better life. We encourage you to visit our testimonials page to hear from others we’ve helped. Also, you will likely want to talk to us first so contact us to schedule a free question/answer session.

“I am a big believer in the ‘mirror test’. All that matters is if you can look in the mirror and honestly tell the person you see there, that you’ve done your best.”
— - John McKay -