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we may just show up and take you for a therapeutic walk in nature.

Testimonials & Recommendations

Testimonials & Recommendations

The world has opened up for me and I’m so grateful to you for showing me a new perspective on life. You have such a gift and I feel blessed to have you in my life. Please share my story with others if you think it would help them."   I love you! MD

“So now I am simply writing…to acknowledge you for who you really are. I've come a long way since we worked together and I've achieved a higher level of personal and spiritual awareness to understand and appreciate more how important you were in my life. I only wish I had the level of awareness then, that I do now to engage with you at your level. Alas, it is what it is and you were a major catalyst in my life...  And with that, I will close here and say thank you for all the wonderful lessons you have taught me. I am living my life by design and am embracing my maverick tendencies!” With gratitude, WN

"You truly made a difference in helping me get started and I will always treasure that.” AL

"...who you are: irresistible, a contribution always, gracious, generous spirit, wise woman of pure heart." Love and blessings, RG

"I appreciate you and all the magic you bring to this world.”  MM

"Diane Carroll looks at the world through a very different lens. She has exceptional insight, a thoughtful approach and a great sense of business. She is an out of the box thinker, although she might argue the box never existed in the first place or that it is self-imposed. She is creative, energetic, full of vision and yet pragmatic about the course of action based on the desired outcome. She has a gift for helping people see their gifts clearly. She is brilliant and I highly recommend her." NW

"She can help you set yourself free of your self-imposed limitations and inspire you to build the life you have been creating in your dreams.”   KB

"Diane is creative, energetic, full of vision and yet pragmatic about the course of action based on the desired outcome.” NW

"I learned how to organize my life and how to figure out what I wanted to do just by my interests.” CJ

"She's got a sixth sense about guiding you towards your right life and your passion.” TS

I think that I am at a point to be able to take advantage of the abundance that is coming my way because you are helping me see what I couldn’t see before.  You model it to me, beautifully, too. It’s like having a parent who is a fantastic model, one who can hear me, see me, believe in me and guide me while I am learning to do it for myself. There is such security in that kind of learning.”  SA

“….examines (among other things) non-traditional ways to earn an income -- basically the premise is to be ABLE to walk away from traditional job structures if you should choose to.”    EL

"Diane focuses more on the "is this a viable business and how do I do it profitably yet maintain my sanity" angle.” PD

“The value of the guidance you have shown me seems much greater than any monetary number you could have told me it would cost to be under your tutelage.” HL

"You’re a great light, firmly grounded and a living example to me of being in the world but not of it.”  MD

“Thank you for all the work you've done to explain the insights that you have and share them with others.  It's very exciting to think that there are people "out there" that meet you where you are and aren't afraid of the language and idea of self-discovery and having that infuse your life and your work. Very cool!” CT

“Thanks my dear, you certainly show yourself as great!!!” Love, AS

"Diane Carroll was one of the speakers who spoke about being a Maverick and the importance of looking at everything as a future opportunity waiting to happen… and taught me the importance of keeping a strong balance between faith, family, fun, and career aspirations.”  WC

"I came to her with no business experience and have managed to maintain my business for 4 years under her careful direction.”  DL

“Thank you SO much for the introduction to Diane Carroll. She's changed my life after one meeting!   This comes at a very good time for me in my business. Thanks again!” BB

“I really want to thank you for all that you have done for me.  I cannot even put this into words how grateful I am.” DS

“Diane Carroll is one of those rare women who not only makes a huge contribution in the business world, she also defines the word "integrity" and cares deeply about giving back to society and helping set young lives on a positive track.”

"Diane provided myself and my company with much more than "just what we needed". She not only jumped into the details of the projects with great knowledge of the subject, but she became a mentor, a trainer and a consultant. She was such a great support to me, and I am blessed to know her.” JM

“As my life proceeds forward (the proper direction), the lessons taught and discussed with Diane have remained pertinent and helpful. Those who knew me before, and who know me now have seen a change in my way of thinking. I attribute The Maverick Center with being the catalyst for a dramatic change in my personality, not just for the better but for the best. I am now neck deep in the experience of a lifetime, and surely the mindset to venture forth and pursue what I want came from the confidence I gained working through this program." CA

“… Thank you so much!  I am so excited about this idea, it's getting more exhilarating as I think about it and I owe so much to you for helping me think about the perfect idea for my self and my lifestyle.  You are wonderful!” Love,  AH

"I've been working with Diane for several years now and I've sent friends her way. She's got a sixth sense about guiding you towards your right life and your passion. Sometimes I am resistant to her advice, then I find myself taking it and being very glad I did." TS

"I became a Maverick years ago when I was living in Austin, TX. Diane came highly recommended as a potential mentor and coach.  When I started, I was working as a bureaucrat in a "good job" where I felt ineffective and very unhappy.

Maverick opened up a whole new world to me--and introduced me to the idea that I could create a career and business that was suited to who I am at the core of my being. My life changed dramatically very quickly, and after many adventures and false starts, I've found happiness, creativity, a supportive community, a business, and most importantly, my family.

Diane gave me the basic tools and expert guidance to get me on my way.  Along the journey, she has been there as a friend and a mentor. I highly, highly recommend the Maverick program!" EMM

"Diane Carroll is amazing! I started working with her during my sophomore year of high school and through the Mavericking process I was able to actually find some direction in my life. I discovered what I really wanted in life and was able to begin developing my path towards my goals, both short and long term. Diane is a great mentor and I am forever grateful that I had the opportunity to work with her.  I think everyone should go through this process! So helpful and so worth it!" AD

"Her insights are truly amazing.  In hindsight, I should have talked with her sooner.  So my only suggestion in working with her is: don't delay.  In every step of your process, Diane can help you clear away or break down the obstacles you imagine to be in front of you.  She can help you set yourself free of your self-imposed limitations and inspire you to build the life you have been creating in your dreams."  Godspeed. KB

“Meeting and talking with you today is one of those moments in my life that will change things forever.”   Thank you, CP