Meet Diane Carroll

Founder of Maverick Center and Co-founder of the Catalystz™ process. Entrepreneur since 1985. Speaker. Co-author of Create the Business Breakthrough You Want. Do-Gooder. Visionary.

Diane is formally trained with a degree in business management and has also advises entrepreneurship, home business, start-up failure, start-up success, how to match business (or work) to an individual, business consulting, transitions between work, and small business mergers & acquisitions. She is also educated in hospice, death pre-marital counseling, cooking from scratch, indigenous grandmother wisdom, forensics bookkeeping, and prepping youth to take over their lives. Diane is also an End-of-life Doula.

Not only a visionary, she is a visionary ‘bridge’ for hundreds of others transition to their aligned best life. She is a ‘practical’ visionary too, which means she can teach the delicate cross over between a visionary idea and the real world (and even help discern the vision). She has also received the Rotary Paul Harris Fellow Award and is well-known for her foresight, generosity, and service-above-self work.

Diane lives in the North Carolina yet also hails Austin, Southern California, and Chicago as places she has lived and loved. She is married with two children and two granddaughters.

What exactly IS a transitions Doula?     

A companion/mentor/confidant/virtual-guide who assists you as you make major life changes. Life transitions follow either wanted life changes or unwanted life events. We help you professionally gauge, plan, and align parts or all of your of your life for greater success (work, self, family, relationships, and/or spiritual alignment). Some major life events we support are unanticipated like death of a loved one, divorce, or job loss. 


Meet Laurie Soriano

Laurie is a multi-business owner and developer, motivational speaker, professional photographer, 15-time marathoner, single-mom and, of course, co-founder of the Catalystz process. An expert in the art of balance and focus even throughout the unforeseen changes of life, Laurie has “mastered her mindset” all while raising a family on her own. Laurie constantly shows others the way from where a person is “stuck” to living a life with purpose, excitement and enthusiasm.

Family is the core of her strong foundation, helping her mom on her end of life journey is one of Laurie’s most treasured times. Most recently finding herself amidst a community rebuilding after a hurricane, Laurie has experienced a much deeper perspective on life. Her mantra: “Grow in wisdom with childlike curiosity”.

Laurie specializes in working with open minded, passionate for life individuals, leading them through the Catalystz process to align their talents and skills with their social and spiritual lives to pursue a complete healthy well-balanced life.

Laurie is not only a unique visionary but also collaborates with well-respected and trusted fellow visionaries to provide insight to Catalystz clients and followers worldwide. Born and raised in the heart of Chicago, she has recently relocated to enjoy the sun and surf of Wilmington, NC as her daughters attend the University of North Carolina in Wilmington. You can find her blogs at and follow her on Pinterest.