What is a balanced life?


We often talk about living a balanced and whole life, but what does this even mean? What are you trying to balance? What are the pieces that make you whole? The answers are different for everyone and what we want to do is bring those answers out for you first. Determining this is the first step that will lead you to balance and wholeness. We call these your life’s categories. Basically, what is important to you? What brings (or what do you want to bring) you happiness? Examples of the main categories include:

         Your first child
         Your second child (It would be a mistake to group very different people together so list each individual that you have/will have separately, including none-blood members.)
         Spirituality/ Religion 
         Difference making
Anything that is important enough to you is a life category (an animal or project might be important enough to become a category). And you can always include categories that you don’t have-yet. Your goals and things you want are part of your life too. 
Once you know what you’re trying to balance, you can begin to work towards wholeness. We will help you find out which areas you are lacking fulfillment in or having trouble managing. We will help you identify common underlying and overarching difficulties and fears you are having. We will drill down in a few of your weakest categories and start making positive changes. But inevitably, your new mindsets, knowledge and skills that you will gain will bleed/interweave into other areas and uplift your other categories and your life as a whole.
My favorite reason that I hear from many that work on getting 'more whole' and living whole lives is because it examples the HOW TO- to help friends, family, and particularly kids- get closer to their own wholeness.  This is pass-it-forward 'work' that starts with self and emanates out.  
We are sure you will have questions. Ask us by email to:  Contact@MaverickCenter.com or call me direct for a (no charge) Q&A at 512 809 8545.  To your uplift and betterment-  MaverickDiane